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David Bieker

David’s interest in homebuilding began when he was very young, sketching pictures of his dream home at the kitchen table while doing his homework. His early passion for architecture and design soon morphed into a love of homebuilding.

His mother, who was an interior designer, started building custom homes in the late 70’s. His father, who had an engineering degree from the University of Minnesota, later joined her and they built custom homes in Indiana for 20-years. David spent his high school and college years working in the family business, learning the many aspects of the construction process, and watching his mother design homes. That’s when he fell in love with custom home building.

After a 10 year career in sales and marketing, David followed his passion and founded Denali Custom Homes, in 1998. He has always placed a high value on design and craftsmanship – custom home building is an art. Denali develops a one- of-a-kind product and offers a one-of-a-kind experience.



Chad Mayes

Chad found his way into construction a bit by accident. Just prior to graduation from business school, the “Dot Com Bubble” burst and his plans changed from west-coast commercial banking to working for a family friend’s construction firm. After a brief aside working in finance for a local airline, Chad made the leap to follow his entrepreneurial spirit and passion for construction.

Chad has been working in construction for 15 years with the majority of his time spent building custom homes and in high-end remodeling. Most recently Chad spent several years combining his business and construction experience running a web-based construction management software company. Looking to get back to his true passion, Chad joined the Denali team. Chad has implemented new business and project management systems, streamlining and modernizing the client experience with Denali.



Jake Wille

Jake has always known his career path would revolve around the world of custom home building. He spent high school summers working for his dad’s construction company and for plumbers, electricians and landscapers, all of whom gave him valuable insight on how it truly takes a well-oiled team to make a single, great product. Now with 15+ years of hands-on construction experience, as well as project management, he is well-practiced to handle both site and client relations.

Jake has a love for great architecture, good design and appreciates the small details that truly make a home remarkable. Denali touches on all of those areas, making each one of his projects a gratifying experience.  

In his free moments he enjoys spending time with his amazing—and ever growing—family. He has a passion for being outdoors, hunting, fishing, camping, trips out west, and working on his own construction projects around the house.


Andy Miller

Project Manager


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Shannon Murphy

Office Manager/Marketing


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